Why I like Winter

January 21, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Addlepatedness, Hannah's Little Blog)

In the spirit of contentment, (and with inspiration from Megan’s blog) I have decided to cheer myself up. Here is my unexhaustive list of good things in winter.

1.  I can drink lots of coffee with the excuse that I don’t generate enough body heat on my own to warm my internal organs.

2. I can sew…and sew…and sew…

3. Ditto for crochet, I’m almost done with my first afghan!

4. Having a cold bedroom is a good reason to curl up in bed and read til 1:00 a.m., instead of braving the chill to turn out the light.

5. I get to enjoy homemade applesauce & gingerbread. Definitely not summer food.

6. Being surrounded by white means that I can go to eQuilter and get my color fix.

7. Tea becomes a staple for my sanity.

8. I don’t need to worry about having a farmer’s tan.

9. Wearing fancilful tights all day gets a lot easier when it’s cold out.

10. (this is the best) After my morning shower, I get to dry my hair in front of the woodstove.

So I guess it’s not that terrible after all.


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  1. The Frizz said,

    Gingerbread, Yummmmmmm……. Hannah my lamp broke over my bed! I nearly broke my ankle trying to get from my light across the floor of doom, then up my ladder. Very dangerous. And plus I haven’t been able to read much because my light makes shadows onto my book, which makes life difficult! Oh well, I’ll just have to get a new one:(

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