Toe Candy

December 29, 2008 at 3:12 pm (Doings)

Wow, do we have snow. Like, up-to-my-knees type snow, and it was perfect for sledding on Christmas. (Rachel, that was a blast! ;-)   So naturally, I get kinda cold. Enter 4 pairs of awesome socks. On Christmas morning, I suddenly didn’t feel so cold, because Mom gave me some sweet woolly knee-hi’s + the Underhill family gave me a pair of (insert drum roll) SMARTWOOLS!!! Ok, I know people hate schmoozy confessions, but honestly, every time I go to the Sportsman SkiHaus, I stand stupified in front of all those lovely socks. And slowly, I touch them. Enough said. Anyhow, these socks are SO cute, (green, hooray!)  SO warm, and SO comfortable, I really wonder whether I will ever see my feet again. My feet are happy feet.



  1. artist13o said,

    Haha, everyone needs a good-or rather, supreme, A+ warm and cozy, incredible, never-take-them-off socks. Yes, that sledding was fun! I only fell headfirst into the snow, what, five times at least when we were on that tree? :-D

  2. MennoGirl said,

    Poor tree. It was fun.

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