Amazing Grays

November 6, 2008 at 3:25 pm (Pictures)

Sow your wild Quaker oats!! Here is my previously promised gallery of gorgeous grays. I’ll start with a picture of the old Quaker lady, Lucretia Mott.


In keeping with the last post, here is a nice, warm sweater from Dale of Norway, entitled “Peace.”


Extravagant? Shamelessly so. Folks, here are the softest tights you will ever touch. (owing to %70 cashmere)


Here is a truely amazing gray!


Ok, this yarn looks almost too good. How could I ever decide what to make with it?


Ok, now I’ve got to go look at old B&W’s. Bye ’til later.



  1. The Frizz said,

    That sweater oh……… and the tights would go so well. What an outfit!

  2. jessyroo said,

    Gray has always been a comforting color to me. It makes me think of fall, which means the beginning of the holiday season, which means a lot of good food, laughter, cozy evenings, crackling fires, music and time spent with the ones I love most. Not to mention it was the color sported by the Confederate Army… :)

  3. artist13o said,

    Well ain’t she jus’ a gahgeuos ol’ lady, my, my, my. NOT!!! She reminds of the lady in 101 Dalmations. That’s a really stupid movie by the way, so I wouldn’t reccomend watching it unless you like Disney cartoons a lot.

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