Soooo Cliche

October 31, 2008 at 2:08 pm (Doings, Hannah's Little Blog)

I will say right off the bat that I don’t expect there to be world peace, or “everyone loving each other,” or anything like that. What I am saying here is the great need for Christians to get their eyes off the temporal divisions and see our “enemies” for what they really are: our mission field. It’s way easier to neatly compartmentalize people as immoral reprobates than to actually get on their level and reach them for good. So, I guess my main point is perhaps an adopted cliche from – uh- the left. Let’s try peace, and instead of being inflammatory, we can try to do what good we can with love that transcends party lines.

Leo Tolstoy, Russian pacifist and author of ‘Brothers, Stop Killing Each Other’


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Fall Goodies

October 23, 2008 at 1:40 pm (Addlepatedness, Hannah's Little Blog, Pictures)

I love fall! I love making a fire in our wood stove, seeing tamaracks turn brilliantly gold, and feeling that nip in the air. These are days for lots of coffee and tea, walking around Bigfork, getting good library books, and at night, watching long movies, dreaming of alpaca yarn, and of course, getting out the flannel PJ’s! Fall is also the perfect time for enjoying all the cold fruit in season, hence, excessive baking with (I wish) gorgeous cookwear. Have fun ogling my list of “warm fuzzies,” and enjoy the lovely sock gallery at the end.

Fabulous Le Crueset baker in a heart shape.

I found this one on a vintage clothing site. Just don’t wear it while you make apple cobbler.

Ok, this is bad. If copperwear makes your heart rate go up, there’s a problem.

It makes me want to dance!

Ok, now brace yourselves for the absolute CUTEST socks EVER!!

Pretty fair isle design from Ralph Lauren.

Running around in circles…

A bit- ahem- pink for me, but very cute nonetheless.

Thank you for joining me for this virtual shopping spree, and stay tuned for the next episode: Amazing Grays.


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Arms Conference

October 21, 2008 at 1:25 pm (Hannah's Little Blog)

Well, I hate to admit, but my rhetorical writing skills are suffering from acute inertia. I guess the prospect of airing my (like I’m so important) views went a little rancid. I’ll post a poem instead.

 Arms Conference

Men died that you might sit at tables

Within some stately mirrored hall,

And there concoct your dreary fables

Of “Peace for all.”

Your wives disport in silks and sables

Designed to meet the worldly eye

As you sit at your polished tables

That men may die.


by Walter Shea


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Because you all love me

October 18, 2008 at 3:47 pm (Addlepatedness, Doings, Hannah's Little Blog)

Ok, I know was at least a little bit missed. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking. Anyway, I’m back now, so your lives may resume. With regard to the current political hoo-ha, I will be posting my view shortly. Of course, as some folks would all-too-cheerfully add, I do everything shortly. No wonder some of my TV heros include Robin Williams & Yoda.

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