Relational Issues

September 6, 2008 at 2:39 pm (Addlepatedness, Doings, Hannah's Little Blog)

Joe and I have an interesting (and sometimes abusive) relationship, as described above.

You may have noticed that my little character has shorter hair. So do I. After much debate and flip-flopping, I finally had Mrs. Underhill cut it for me. I’ll post pics whenever I get motivated enough. It is about shoulder-length now, and I love how bouncy and alive it feels!



  1. jessyroo said,

    Can’t wait to see your new haircut! BTW, I have a new blog. Go to my WordPress blog to get the address for the new one.

  2. ridgefilmmaker said,

    MM you got to love coffee, hey that’s what i’m drinking at the mallery’s. hey bloggings is fun i hope to do it some day and maybe i can talk my friend Josh into doing it too. What do you think Hannah?
    And as far as your hair goes; I’m glad you cut it short. It fits your overall style. (-;}

  3. MennoGirl said,

    Say what? You want Josh to start blogging? I thought he did already. More and more, I find that I am not so marvelous smart. I think that poor Josh should not be coerced, but if he wants to blog, that is his own prerogative. Same goes for you.
    I must agree, the only thing I’m not short on is my supply of wierdo friends.{;-P

  4. ridgefilmmaker said,

    Well you know we have not been blogging very often. so we’d like to start up again….. and i think you’re right……. I have no idea why Josh stoped blogging………maybe it was the could ”goog bye” you and meg gave him the sunday he was here….. he he jk lol I jest (-;}………… later

  5. MennoGirl said,

    Actually, Josh has been blogging somewhat prolificly. I feel that our good-byes to your dear friend were far from inadequate. If he is unreasonably hurt, however; I shall do all within my power to make it right, as I do so hate to goof people up that way.

  6. MennoGirl said,

    Oh, and by the way, welcome back to “the scene.”

  7. megancomstock said,

    Hannah, you haven’t posted in a week! And I thought I would write a comment for you:)

  8. joshuamm said,

    I’m alive… just been absolutely crazy busy finishing up two films ever since I got back from the beautiful, magnificent, fresh air, strong brewed coffee, amazing Montana. All my “prolific” posts have been made from my phone, and I haven’t even checked anybody’s blog is probly a month or two.

    Ridge, I thought you had quit blogging? …I guess I just can’t trust you anymore… :-p

    And I think that I was “unreasonably hurt” by the cold shoulder I got from both of you Sunday :-p After all the blogging I would think you girls would at lease wave… But I guess you redeemed yourselves at the wrap party… But I’ll probly have to go in for therapy in a few years :-D

    Blogging is about zero on my life’s priority list right now, I’ll probly check in every month or two just to make sure everyone is alive. And I’ll make occasional posts to my blog from the phone cuz that only takes seconds. But you girls probly have RSS feeds that let you know the second something is updated on my blog right? Or did you just check it every five minutes while I was up there? :-)

    Well, it’s late, and I’ve made one my my “post” comments again… ‘Till next month.

    God bless,

  9. MennoGirl said,

    You have no reason on this looney planet to think or imagine that we gave you the cold shoulder. I thought that my kindness you-ward well reached the Mother Teresa level, when we listened and watched SO attentively as you explained your lovely camera.
    P.S. I still haven’t decided whether Nikon or Canon is best.

  10. MennoGirl said,

    Sorry, guess that sounded pretty mean.It’s just- I haven’t had music for a looonnggg time- and I think I’m going to cry-y-y-y…. ok, that’s better. Anyway, sorry I’m such a shrewish host.

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