The Tunnel of Doom

August 19, 2008 at 6:55 am (Doings, Hannah's Little Blog)

Well, I guess school isn’t that bad. Here I am at the end of summer, wondering “where did it go?” Maybe a quick overview is in order.

In June, we went to CA.

In July, the Mallerys threw a great party, and we went camping.

In August, the Takahashis came to visit, and shameful as it is, this is basically the only picture I got.

So, this has been a pretty good summer overall. I think I’ll be ready to kiss the motorhomes goodbye, brush up my vocal chords, and find a cozy¬†ball of yarn to keep me company in the coming fall. Oh, and I’ll start school again.



  1. jessyroo said,

    I really like that part about finding a cozy ball of yarn to keep you company. Add tea and a good book…the perfect combination.

  2. megancomstock said,

    We also, went hiking to Birtch Lake, camping in Big Creak, floating down the swan, swimming (not enough times because of the weather), played in the mud in your yard, swimming in the Mallery’s pond, made hobbit feet (or is that confidential?), huckelberry picking, and so on…….. Then upcoming we have 1. School 2. James’s weading 3. Chior 4. Singing lessons 5. Piano lessons……… p.s. great picture of Nick:)

  3. MennoGirl said,

    that poor guy….

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