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July 23, 2008 at 9:08 am (Hannah's Little Blog, Pictures)

Hello there girlies! (and- um- others) For lack of a priest, I must confess to you one of my weaknesses. Or maybe I just want company while I swoon over pretty dresses. I’m now going to show you some of the goodies I have discovered recently.

On recommendation from my friend, Mrs. Mallery, I went to April Cornell’s place and found the most wonderful blouses and nighties. My favorite: (although it’s really impossible to choose)

Also, if you are in the mood for Titanic-era tea dresses, there is the lovely collection from Nataya. Some of their stuff is frankly, skimpy, and the models look like retrievals from the morgue, but the tea dresses are so pretty! I love the layers of beautiful embroidery.

The Peruvian Connection is not for serious inquiries, unless you are the type who regularly spends $398 on one item. My pick: the sketchbook dress

Last, but not least, a cute pair of Baroque-ish lace shoes from Fluevog:

1 Timothy 6:6

But godliness with contentment is great gain.



  1. jessyroo said,

    Oh, yes! April Cornell is my favorite designer EVER. If I had the money, I’d wear nothing but her stuff. Her skirts are absolutely darling. Oh, and you gave a great description of Nataya’s models…I had a good laugh over that. :)

    I love how you put 1 Tim. 6:6 at the end of this post. You’ve maintained a wonderful balance of having fun and keeping things in Biblical perspective.

    Hope to see you tonight at prayer meeting!

  2. MennoGirl said,

    Tonight we are hosting a party /w my relatives, since my great-aunt is visiting, so we won’t be at prayer meeting. *sad* I love to see Aunt Lois though, she is so fun!

  3. princessalethia said,

    Oh Hannah, this is even better then drooling over shoes. This time I like it so much its past drooling. It’s exclaiming over and over, ” That’s ssooooo CUTE!” :) *sigh* if only I had tad more to spend on such nice stuff………… This is the total girly girl coming out in me. :)

  4. princessalethia said,

    I’m glad I’m not a guy. Any guys looking at your post would probebly snort, say,” girl stuff”, roll their eyes, and scroll past the post. No offense to any guys out their.

  5. megancomstock said,

    Well, I don’t know, I sometimes think guys have it pretty good with old jeans and t-shirts. But then….that blouse at the top is SO cute and the nautral pink dress…..
    But I think most of all I envey that swing! It looks like so much fun.

  6. MennoGirl said,

    By hook or by crook, I must buy/sew/barter my way to that blouse!

  7. Aaron said,

    I have to say, this member of your fan base is sadly disappointed. I can’t relate to this post at all!

  8. princessalethia said,

    You know Aaron, I beleive thats a good thing ! :)

  9. Aaron said,

    Yeah… something would be seriously wrong if I could.

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