Mother’s Redemption

June 30, 2008 at 9:18 pm (Hannah's Little Blog, Nature, Reviews)

Any of you who have received Mother Earth News knows that through the years, it has gotten more and more liberal. I am delighted to report that, even though it is still definitely left-wing in it’s political viewpoints, the magazine is beginning to reincorporate useful information; a sweet relief from the poor-excuse-for-an-article-schmooze-fests about “why I love my Prius,” and other eco-junk. My latest issue has a wonderful piece on making cheese at home. Whether or not I am smart enough to utilize that good info is yet to be seen. I firmly believe that dirt-worshippers should not be the only ones concerned about our environment, and I appaud Mother Earth News for making their articles worthwhile again.


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  1. Aaron said,

    Eco-friendly is everywhere now. Practically every ad you see says something about sponsoring some eco-friendly company: “1% of our profits go to hybrid vehicles!” etc etc…

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