A Little Bit Scary

June 18, 2008 at 8:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Dare I? Hmm… ok, here I go! (holds breath) What you see here is my interpretation of the next presidential inauguration:



  1. ridgefilmmaker said,

    He He! yeah some time it is a circus. espeacily when you’re in charge of all those clowns in Wasington and in the Suprime Court. maybe the next president will change
    all that……… well only God can change the people. But he uses us and others to carry it out.

    If my people, which are called by my name will humble themselfs and pray. seek my face and turn from their wicked ways.
    Then I will hear from Heaven, and Heal their LAND. Meaning America.

    So it starts with us. if we fist don’t change ourselfs; we wont change others. Now that doesn’t mean do nothing in the world. Do what we can to stop bad bills, vote when we can. (for the best canedate) but these are just temporary fixes, the heart of the people needs to be changed. and we do that by changing ourselfs first. and then running for president, and such. If there are no Christian in office, why are we suprised when they make a unbiblical desision.

  2. MennoGirl said,

    I’m never especially shocked by their stupidity/ lack of morals and/or ethics.

  3. joshuamm said,

    What’s the constitution?

  4. MennoGirl said,

    Don’t ask George Bush, he’ll start cussing at you.

  5. ridgefilmmaker said,

    Hannah! and you seemed to be doing so much better in controling yourself! (exseped the provanity) And i’m not going to ague with you on the issue of the our Constitution.
    But I ask you again, What do you expect of our goverment, if there are no Christians in office? Is it not Hyppocritecal to cures those in our government. and speak of how bad their all doing. But think it’s wrong for Christians to be involved in the gorvernment?
    Let me ask you and I will end this dessgusion. God says to pray for are government and those that are in authority over use.
    If Christians shouldn’t be involved in the government. Then what do we pray for?
    Pray that the heathens will make godly dessision without becomeing a Christian, for that would requier them to step out opf office?

  6. MennoGirl said,

    ¡Muy bueno mi padre pequeño!
    “y usted pareció estar haciendo así mejor en el control usted mismo! ”
    No, I’ve just learned how to play my cards better.

  7. ridgefilmmaker said,

    I don’t understand. Are you saying Don’t Pray for the Government?

  8. MennoGirl said,

    Usted sabrá algún día. Usted no puede saber todo inmediatamente, ni los cerebros pincharían. There are a lot of things you should not expect to understand.

  9. joshuamm said,

    easy does it… I think we can all agree that the government isn’t within it’s constitutional bounds, but lets not too mean or personal about it.

    I understand where the comment about Bush is coming from, but we need to remember that we are not to curse and mock our leaders (I don’t’ have chapter and verse handy, but it’s there).
    There is a difference between saying:
    “Bush doesn’t seem to understand the constitution, and does a lot of things that are unconstitutional”
    and saying
    “Bush is a constitutional moron!”

    That’s all I’m saying, we just need to be respectful about how we say things.

  10. ridgefilmmaker said,

    anyway! Lets just end, this before it gets worse. sorry about that.
    Some time this subject get me going and I dont know when to stop. Just let us all remember to pray for our leaders, Good or bad. and thank them for what they are doing! Aman?

  11. MennoGirl said,

    Yeah, anyway, there’s 2 of you and 1 of me, and you are like, 50 years older than me, and I can’t handle it on my own. (enter Megan)

  12. MennoGirl said,


  13. MennoGirl said,

    Megan! get over here! I mean… HELP!!

  14. ridgefilmmaker said,

    That right I’m older then you! Just another reson for you to do what I say!!!!

  15. megancomstock said,

    Hannah, I’m here what do you need? Do you need me to agree with you? Because if you do, you have my full suport don’t worry.

  16. MennoGirl said,

    Awright, mithter sthmart guy (wipes up drool) you lithen up. What wath I gon’ thay….. thorry, thtill get’ ver dugths…uh…..oh yeah! When YOU get YOUR withdom teeth out…. I’ thending a big bag of Doritoth for your thalivating enjoyment. Anyhow, I’m not one of your minions, tho thtay thafe, Buck-O! That’th about all….whereth the gauzth….

  17. MennoGirl said,

    Megan, you are tho nithe. I love you. Do’ let tha’ bad man both me aroun’ pweeze? My mawf ‘urth. Aw be better thoon, then we take another bike ride?

  18. joshuamm said,

    You’ll feel better when that dentist stuff wears off… :D

  19. MennoGirl said,

    What bothers me is the fact that my mental capacities aren’t impaired, BUT I just drool everywhere ,and talk like an idiot, and stumble around, and stare blankly while I try in vain to articulate my thoughts into words. Luckily I can still type, so I can get those poor trapped words out somewhere. And Ridge, don’t you DARE say anything about how my inability to speak is a blessing. I will royally chastise you, even if it IS on sticky notes.

  20. ridgefilmmaker said,

    If you wort them on stiky note I couln’t read them anyway!

  21. MennoGirl said,

    Well, I’ll get my point across somehow or another.

  22. ridgefilmmaker said,

    DO you think you be able to speak on sunday?

  23. ridgefilmmaker said,

    Ich denke, dass Sie wissen, warum ich frage

  24. MennoGirl said,

    Nice German, and to answer your question, I don’t honestly know. The doc said Sunday will probably be my worst, but I’ll certainly try, since I’m sure you are sick of waiting to tell me whatever it is that is so forefront on your yak list.
    Ik hoop dat dit over spoedig is.

  25. joshuamm said,

    Ich spreche Deutsch auch

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