Costume Party

June 2, 2008 at 12:49 pm (Doings, Hannah's Little Blog)

Here are some pictures from the party on Saturday.

I would like to thank my parents for letting me have a great party, Megan Comstock, for her immense help, Kathleen, Mitchell, and Nora Underhill for their help in prep work, Eric Underhill, for the lovely antelope, Roman and Ridge Mallery for bringing rocks and logs, and Caitlin Carstensen for helping organize our hooligan band. I also wish to thank all the wonderful guests: Caitlin, Laurel, and Jillian Carstensen, Mitchell Underhill, Nathan, Bethany, and Daniel Dupea, Rachel Hawkins, John Mark Brubaker, Raijoice, Roshua, River, and Ridge Mallery, Angie Murry, and Britney Emerson. A special thank you to Carol Thompkins, for providing live bagpipe music for the tug-of-war and dancing.



  1. ridgefilmmaker said,

    Thats it? O come on that was a HUGE event you sould post like 50 pix and a slidshow and every thing like that! just joking…. that was a lot of fun. hope to do it again some time.

  2. MennoGirl said,

    I would have posted more, but this thing takes an eternity to load. It was a fun party. Your turn next, Mr. Wilberforce.

  3. joshuamm said,

    cool pics, but not as many as Mr. Wilberforce over there… :D

  4. Aaron said,

    *gasp!* No Aaron Hawkins in you credits?! How come you don’t thank people who werent there?

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