May 24, 2008 at 5:04 pm (Hannah's Little Blog)

This is a picture of my troll family. Dad is Geilo, his lovely wife is Hilde, and I don’t have names for their troll children. They also have a leprechaun uncle, and I will post pictures of him soon. They are made of PuppenFimo, with original clothes and handset wigs of sheep’s wool. They are quite a special little family. I don’t plan on selling them, but someday I may take commissions on this sort of stuff. Not sure what I’ll do. It makes a fun hobby.



  1. ridgefilmmaker said,

    Hey Nice. you’ve got a God given talent for that kind of thing. so use it for Him. I love seeing the defferent talents that God gives to poeple. As long as they are using them, and not just barry them and pretend they don’t exsist. that’s not right ether.
    But those are good…….. and I don’t need anything, so don’t say “I’m flattering you to get toy to do something. that was an honest prue compliment (-;}

  2. MennoGirl said,

    You don’t need trolls? Everyone should have some of their own trolls. If not real ones, imaginary. To get the real thing, you have to go to Norway.

  3. joshuamm said,

    Well done, but trolls scare me… well maybe not too much. So you sculpted those? Thats pretty impressive. I tried some sculpting when I was younger with just plain sculpting clay… I had fun but I don’t think I could even give any of it away… hehe.

    Its fun to see artistic people with talents like that. I’m limited to filmmaking… not good at much else :D …Sometimes I envy all you multi-talented people… but I figure if I can’t beat em I might as well join em!

    So I’ll just move up there and hire you all to work for me and make obscene profits from your talents! Muahaha! -j/k

  4. joshuamm said,

    Oh, speaking of artistic… I tried to do something artistic with a photo on my blog. I have before/afters on this post:

    Let me know what you think?

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