May 20, 2008 at 2:36 pm (Hannah's Little Blog)

Since I don’t have a lot of time to write today, I will post a joke.

Why are hill-billy criminals so hard to catch?

1. There are no dental records.

2. All the DNA is the same.

Yesterday was that dentist appointment. I came away with a sore, but none-the-less Dr. Nelson approved mouth. I also had an epiphany: I realized (now you see how smart I am) that besides a few close friends, (very few) the dentist & his assistants are pretty much the only people who ever touch my face. Odd, I know, but still a novel thought. Anyway, after they had probed my mouth, felt my teeth, and worked their pain-inducing magic, they announced that this summer I need to have my wisdom teeth out. I wish I had the X-rays to post, but they were frightful things. I need to go now, I have a crochet lesson to teach in a couple hrs, and I still have school to do.




  1. jessyroo said,


    Don’t worry about having your wisdom teeth out. The actual surgery is not at all painful, as they put you under for the whole thing. The recovery is inconvenient, albeit allows for some good old-fashioned relaxation, which at other times in life would be labled as “laziness.” The hardest thing for me was dealing with my vanity. My face got really swollen; I looked like a chipmunk. I was also freshly sunburned. And, on top of all that, I was newly-engaged! But, as you know, Ransom married me anyways. :)

  2. MennoGirl said,

    That was sweet of him.
    I am actually kind of looking forward to being treated like a queen for a couple days. (is that bad?) And if we have the same nice weather when I get them out, I should be able to lie around in the sun,reading crochet magazines and daydreaming of fantastic projects.
    Thanks for the encouragement

  3. joshuamm said,

    hehe… I think I’ll leave my wisdom teeth alone… Now that I’m 21 they seem to be doing just fine. I think the whole thing is a conspiracy for the dentists to make $ off your teeth… After all, why would God give you wisdom teeth if the dentist was just gonna pull them out? I think there is a book about that too…

    AKA: I really don’t want to go to the dentist.

  4. MennoGirl said,

    I don’t either, but if you could see my teeth… they will be growing into my cheek in the next 1 or 2 years. Not pretty. In fact, rather painful as well.

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